I haven't totally figured out the timeline yet, like specific dates and details. I thought those might come out naturally in the lessons.

I have thought about what the timeline might look like and came up with an idea I'm completely willing to rework if we don't like it.

I'm envisioning using one of the bulletin boards in our rooms...so each class will have their own timeline to work with and refer to in the classroom. The board will start blank with just a strip across left to right and a title, perhaps 'Two Worlds Meet.' Something like this...


external image IMG_3279.JPG
external image IMG_3253.JPG

As we come across dates, the teacher could add it with an index card and have the kids write or draw the significance of that date on their own large index card. These can be collected as assessment and 3-4 could be posted. Throughout the unit, if we make sure we are always posting cards from different students, at the end the timeline will have been a team effort. The cards that do not get displayed can be handed back and kept at the back of their Field Notebook. We could make a pocket for them. Something like this....

external image 2013-03-02