1. Before the unit students will individualize their 'FIELD NOTES' book (use a key tab notebook) by decorating their cover or using a cover page the teacher provides. Their FIELD NOTES book is a place to collect notes, answer questions, wonder, respond and reflect on their learning.

*Note: Should there be a page left blank for a Table of Contents to do at the end of our unit?
*Do we want a page for their Team Name and group members?

2. On the first page students will paste 'YOU ARE AN ADVENTURER' page.

3. The following pages will be used as an 'Interactive Notebook' (Think: foldables). This portion will be up to the individual teacher but if teachers find a foldable/interactive that will work well for a lesson, feel free to share. Here are some example pages from interactive notebooks:

interactive notebook 1.JPG

interactive notebook 3

interactive notebook 4

interactive notebook 5

4. After each lesson, students will respond using the QQQ strategy (Quest Questions and Quadrant). Quest Questions are content-based whereas the quadrant is a space to reflect on their learning. Students will paste an example QQQ page at the beginning of their notebooks.
  • Left is for ‘Quest Questions’….each lesson plan needs to have 2-3 questions that are content-based to check for understanding.
  • Right is for ‘Quadrant’ ...the page divided into 4 quadrants to reflect on learning
    • Images: picture(s) to represent what they learned
    • Feelings/emotions: words/sentence to describe how they feel or how a person/group may be feeling from the lesson
    • Wonderings: questions the students may have to take the learning further
    • Connections: to self, texts, world

5. Possibility: back cover to collect timeline index cards.
interactive notebook timeline